Life in Harmony

Chamundeswari Sugars has its root in the lap of this parent company Sakthi Group based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Started by Dr. N. Mahalingam in Doddi, Maddur Taluk, Mandya, Karnataka in December 1970 with a sugar manufacture capacity of 1250 tonnes crushed per day (TCD), by 2006, Chamundeshwari had grown exponentially and could boast of a manufacturing capacity of 5000 TCD...

Beyond sugar


Apart from generating power, sugarcane is gaining ground in the world of bio-fuels. Ethanol, extracted from molasses, a key byproduct in the sugar manufacturing process is already widely used in Brazil and USA to run automobiles. Ethanol is the best.

which when blended with petrol, helps it burn better and thereby reducing environmental pollution.

resently operating at capacity of 50,000 litres of ethanol per day, Chamundeswari will be a force to reckon...