At Chamundeshwari our commitment to excellence is matched only by our dedication to living by the conviction of our values. They are at the core of our company’s sustenance and our prosperity and progress is measured against them.

We are:


Striving for sustainability in our output by using environmentally sound means wherever possible thereby harmonising with the nature around us.


With ever y step that we take towards success we also inculcate in the Chamundeshwari family a thorough awareness of our humble beginnings.


We are resolute in our devotion to the well-being of the nature that provides us with our raw materials and the communities that surround us and support us in our venture.


Humility is the corner stone of our success and we accept the bounties we are bestowed with grace and respect.


By staying connected to our extended family of farmers, consumers and investors we track the pulse of our company in their diverse views. This helps us in integrating the collective’s opinions in bettering ourselves.


We channel happiness through noble words and gallant deeds towards all we associate with.