We produce plantation white sugar of very high quality with less than 100 icumsa. The sugar produced meets the international standard of very low NSR (Non Soluble Residue) value of less than 20 PPM.

Sugar Production

Small Grain – S30

Medium Grain – M30

NSR value <20 PPM

Colour: 80-90 icumsa

Each 1 tsp (4 gms) contains :
1 Calories 15
2 Carbohydrate 100%
3 Fat 0.0%
4 Proteins 0.0%
5 Dietary fibre 0.0%
6 Vitamins 0.0%
7 Minerals 0.0%


Molasses is the by-product separated from ‘C’ grade sugar during the centrifuging of sugar crystals. The yield of molasses per ton of cane will be in the range 4 to 4.5%. The entire quantity of molasses produced will be used for captive consumption in our distillery.


Bagasse is the fibrous material from the sugar cane after extracting the juice. We generate steam and power to meet out our requirement independently by making use of the bagasse.

At present, we are able to generate 8 to 10% of surplus bagasse by implementing steam and power saving devices. With the completion of the in-house co-generation power plant project, the surplus bagasse will be used for generating captive power.

Press Mud

Press mud, the solid waste from sugar cane, is rich in organic compounds like nitrogen, phosphors and potassium. Press mud is utilized to produce the bio-manure by composting with spentwash, a liquid waste from distillery.